Ronaldo officially debuts Al Nasser.

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Cristiano Ronaldo debuts as new player for Al Nasser in Saudi Arabia It’s official. The five-time Ballon d’Or winner. Became the highest-paid athlete of all time when he signed a £173m-a-year deal with the Pro League club Saudi Arabia last Friday.

He arrived in Riyadh on Monday and was welcomed by a large group of fans.

Ronaldo underwent a medical on Tuesday morning ahead of his official debut at Al Nasser’s home Mersul Park UFABET 

Thousands of fans attended to welcome the former Real Madrid, Manchester United and Juventus forward to the club.

Ronaldo said: “No one will ever know. But I can say that I got a lot of offers in Europe, clubs in Brazil, Australia, the USA, even in Portugal. A lot of clubs tried to sign me.

“But I give credit to this club for its development. It’s not just about football. But also the whole part of this amazing country. I know what I want and what I don’t want either.”

“I came here to win, to play and to enjoy. My work in Europe is over. I’ve been through the best teams in Europe. I can say that I had the opportunity to play in Europe, Brazil, USA, Australia or even in my home country [Portugal] who tried to get me in the team. But I gave my whole world here (Saudi Arabia)”