Keeping the uterus healthy

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Keeping the uterus healthy

Nowadays, the health of our bodies is important. The “uterus” is considered an important organ of women, so we should not overlook the care of the uterus healthy. So let’s go to สมัคร ufabet come to know the secrets of taking care of the uterus healthy better than me.

1. Take care of your physical health.

The uterus is an organ in the body. If the body is strong The blood will flow to the fullest. make the uterus strong Taking care of your physical health, such as keeping your body weight within the standard not too thin or too fat getting enough sleep eating food from all 5 food groups, especially fruits and vegetables Drink 8 glasses of clean water a day and refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking.

2. Take care of your mental health.

Stress makes the uterus abnormal. because of abnormal hormonal system Menstruation is not normal. There are many ways to reduce stress. laugh every day Live a sufficiency, frugal, contented with what you have. forgive others have a purpose in life

3. Exercise regularly

make immunity good Strong heart and lung muscles pumping blood to different parts of the body well Helps prevent endometritis and low uterus. You should exercise regularly, such as cycling, swimming, jogging, aerobics, yoga, etc., at least 4 days a week, about half an hour each time.

4. Beware of sexually transmitted infections.

Sexually transmitted diseases cause vaginal discharge, pelvic pain, fever, endometritis, even if cured, there will still be pain in the uterus. menstrual pain Chronic vaginal discharge, typhoid fever, not pregnant or ectopic pregnancy Avoiding sexually transmitted infection is one of the important things to keep the uterus healthy. Therefore, condoms should be used every time with someone you don’t know, don’t know, or aren’t sure.

5. Khim to regularly exercise the pelvic floor

Kip is contraction of the pelvic floor muscles. (Like fecal and urinary incontinence) The method is to hold the contraction for a count of 1-5 and then relax. It can be done continuously or can be divided into 20-30 sets at a time. It will strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. and the uterus is not low

6. Do not lift heavy objects.

Lifting heavy objects lowers. because the urinary bladder affects If you need to lift heavy objects, you should urinate first.

7. Regular physical examination and internal examination

even though we are strong should have regular physical health checks to find the disease in the early stages Diseases that more or less affect th such as diabetes, can cause cervicitis, infection, yeast infection, and other chronic diseases. High blood pressure, thyroid disease, liver disease, kidney disease can cause bleeding. Menstrual periods that are heavy or fleeting including internal examination by diagnosing and treating inflammation Infection in the vagina, cervix and causing the to be bad It can also diagnose and treat abnormalities of the uterus early, such as benign uterine fibroids. benign tumors of the uterus and endometriosis before ending up with hysterectomy