10 low calorie vegetarian menus that have merit and can lose weight as well

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10 low calorie vegetarian menus that have merit and can lose weight as well

I’ve vegetarian for 2-3 days, and I think we’re definitely going into diet mode. Look, there’s only vegetables and tofu, fruit juice, and soy milk. Life is good, but seriously. When washing the dishes. Cleaned the lunch box containing vegetarian food. Use dishwashing liquid to splash down. still not lost it And if it’s flaky like this What will you take to lose weight?

Come on ufabet https://ufabet999.com presents 10 super healthy, low-calorie vegetarian menus. That are really healthy and definitely won’t get fat easily.

1. Vegetarian vermicelli salad (145 kcal)

2. Sweet phak wan salad (128 kcal)

3. Vegetarian Suan Lui Noodle (118 kcal) 4. Vegetarian Chinese cabbage

soup with tofu (120 kcal)

5. Vegetarian pumpkin soup (90 kcal)

6. Vegetarian curry (115 kcal)

7. Vegetarian soup with mushroom (80 kcal)

8. Vegetarian papaya soup (80 kcal)

9. Tom Chap Chai (180 kcal)

10. Vegetarian papaya salad (55 kcal)

Any meal that is eaten with brown rice, add 200 kcal (2-3 ladle), assuming that eating boiled celery with brown rice 3 times = 1,140 only, leaving a lot more for snacks or fruits, soy milk

Tips for vegetarians not to get fat

1. Avoid vegetarian food that imitates real meat because that’s pure flour, plus oil for stir-frying. Boom, become a hanging belly. 2. Avoid

stir-fried food, turn to boiled, steamed, spicy salad instead (don’t eat a lot of coconut milk curry)

3. During the day, you should eat more protein to increase energy instead of meat, such as nuts, almonds, sesame seeds. Black, white sesame and various grains.

4. Anyone who is addicted to exercise regularly. Before exercising, you can eat bananas to increase energy before exercising. (Notice that many athletes bring bananas to eat at halftime. Quick boost of energy without relying on sugar from other foods)

5. Make your own vegetarian food is the best. Choose to use vegetable oil. or use olive oil in cooking and don’t put too much Choose a Teflon coated pan. to reduce oil consumption and choose to use salt to reduce sodium to control the amount of sodium in the body