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Bremen is not pleased. ‘Keita’ Late team meeting

Werder Bremen midfielder Naby Keita is unimpressing many at the club. From the behavior of attending team meetings late Also avoid events last summer The player, once valued at €60 million, leaves his five-year spell with Liverpool to sign for free back to the Bundesliga

Leipzig hunts for life ‘Sancho’

It is reported that RB Leipzig, a famous club from Germany. Interested in signing Jadon Sancho, Manchester United’s forgotten attacker. Sancho has been detained indefinitely. Since issuing a statement in response to Erik Ten Hag. After the Dutchman said he did not train well enough

Mkhitaryan a new contract in return for performance

Calciomercato Famous media from the land of macaroni reports that Inter Milan is planning to offer a new contract to Henrikh Mkhitaryan, a 34-year-old star player who showed excellent form in the Milan derby game in which they defeated A. Milan 5-1 with two goals and

5 foods that help you fall asleep Suitable for women

5 foods that help you fall asleep Suitable for women. Who have difficulty falling asleep. For women who have sleep problems such as difficulty falling asleep for a long time It is recommended to try to solve problems with natural methods. By the nature that is talking about

Keeping the uterus healthy

Keeping the uterus healthy Nowadays, the health of our bodies is important. The “uterus” is considered an important organ of women, so we should not overlook the care of the uterus healthy. So let’s go to สมัคร ufabet come to know the secrets of taking care of the uterus healthy